Sunday, February 28, 2016

I am sitting here in Rekindle, one of the cafes I have been revisiting again and again. Somehow I always end up coming back to here. It's my idea of a well done cafe. I think I have written down on my Dayre before on my idea of a good cafe, will repost that post here some day for you all to read.

Anyways, compared to the last two weeks, my days have improved a lot.

Somehow I think this has to be because of the endorphins from all that exercise. Started going to the gym because I felt like I needed to do something about my weight gain. Been eating like a mad person and no exercise, so I decided to MAKE TIME for exercise and so far it is working. I have been going to the gym quite consistently where I wake up at 6am everyday, go for a jog and lift some weights. Hope to keep myself motivated as long as possible. Haha, feel quite self conscious at the gym, when I attended body pump class and fail at lifting a barbell, or on how to use the gym equipment but I guess everybody was like that when they first started.

It honestly feels refreshing at work, and also I complain to others way lesser.

Alright, here are some songs that has been on my on repeat lately.

Zion. T - Eat
Zion. T - Yanghwa Bridge
Zion. T - No Make Up
One Direction - Perfect
Justin Bieber - Love Yourself
Soyou, Kwon Jong Yeol - Lean On Me
Zico ft. Yuna - It Was Love
Moira Dela Torre - Love Me Instead (Acoustic)
Lily Allen - Somewhere Only We Know
Perrin Lamb - Everyone's Got Something

Discovered most of the bottom tracks on Spotify (Acoustic Favourites Playlist) or Youtube.

As for Zion. T, a friend recommended his songs to me. Initially watched Zion. T on Infinite Challenge and thought he was weird as f but when I listened to his songs on Youtube, it gives this chill vibes which I like. And I like how the lyrics of the song goes too.

For Justin Bieber and One Direction, I used to dislike them.... Until their current album which I have been listening again and again. The lyrics and the tempo is just too catchy I guess, and Justin Bieber has definitely improved so much since his Baby days.

Hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I do, if you bother to YouTube it yourself.

Hope you are all having a good weekend, because I am!

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